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Fushun Haili Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water pump welding parts. It has been more than ten years since it first produced water pump welding parts for the VPO branch of ITT Pump Industry Co., Ltd. The world's top pump manufacturers such as ITT, Flowserve, Will Pumps, Xylem, Sulzer, Takasago Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, etc. have established stable supply relationships and become their partners Supplier of important welded parts for water pumps.

Fushun Haili Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has complete production equipment, which can completely produce and process various specifications of water pump welded parts. At the same time, it has accumulated rich experience in welding various materials, such as: ASTM A516, 316L, S31803, S32750, S32760 , Monel 400 alloy, titanium alloy TA2, nickel aluminum bronze, Hastelloy, etc.

Although Fushun Haili Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has made a lot of progress in the past ten years, we will continue to improve ourselves, do solid work, and develop accurately, and strive to become a trustworthy and excellent supplier in the field of water pump welding parts.


撫順海利機械製造有限公司はポンプ製缶溶接構造部品専門製造メーカーとして、2002年初めにアメリカITT PUMPのVPO支社にポンプ製缶溶接構造部品を納品した以来、十年以上この業界で活躍して来ました。今はITT以外に、Flowserve、Weir Pump、Xylem Inc、Sulzer、三菱重工高砂製作所の協力工場である若月工作所などの世界トップクラスのポンプメーカーと安定したビジネス関係を結び、これらの客先の製缶溶接構造部品のメインサプライヤーとして頑張っています。

ほぼすべてのサイズの製缶溶接構造部品の製造ができる能力をもっていて、材質は炭素鋼以外、ASTM A516、316L、S31803、S32750、S32760、モネル400合金、チタン合金TA2、ニッケルアルミ靑銅、ハステロイなど、ステンレスと合金関係も扱っています。


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